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Exchanging Ideas for Changing Lives

June 1st, 1-6pm at St Anne’s Anglican Centre, Ryde, NSW

Exchange is more than just a conference, it is a forum for people who want to reach people and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want to inspire, train and equip each other for sharing the greatest news in the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Exchange is unlike other conferences as it will not be a place just to hear information, but a dynamic forum of ideas for evangelism, mission and church planting. Your ideas and input will make Exchange better for everyone attending, so come along and be prepared for a conference that makes a difference.

Ever had that feeling that you have been energised or excited by a ministry conference, only to find when you talk about it with others in your team that they are not on the same page as you, because they didn't hear the whole thing? Exchange is on a Saturday so that it is accessible not just to ministry staff, but their teams as well, so we can all be on board with a vision to try out some ideas for evangelism.

Paid ministry staff or not, we believe great ideas for telling people about Jesus can be had by any Christian.

Exchange is about reaching people with the message of Jesus. We want to prepare and equip you for the work of evangelism and church planting as these two things need to be working together to reach the whole of Sydney for the Gospel of Jesus.





Registrations are now open, you can order tickets here.

$35.00 Regular Ticket




IDEX is an EXchange of IDeas that others have had in reaching people with the message of Jesus. We will have 12 of the best ideas we can find and give them 2 minutes to let you know what they have done. If you want to know more we will give you 15 minutes with them to find out more about what they did, how they did it and what you can do next.

Current IDEX Sessions:

1. Corner Connect BBQs
Stuart Starr
2. Finding Faith in Films
Ben McEachen
3. Evangelism to the Intellectually Disabled
Mel Fung
4. Summer Holiday Missions
Steve Reimer
5. Reaching Catholics (Swedish style)
Mark Gilbert
6. Youth discipleship ex-nihilo
Steve Frederick
7. ESL Evangelism
Katie McDonald
8. How to Work with Local Councils
Dan Godden
9. Worldview Cards
Blake Cavanagh
10. Bible Story Telling
Kirsty McNamara

We are still looking for more great ideas for evangelism and church planting and we'd love to hear yours. Even if it's something you haven't had the chance to try yet.

Don't be shy...

We may end up with too many ideas to use them all. If we choose to not use your idea, please do not take it personally, we have a specific criteria we are looking for and a limited number of slots.



Keynote Speaker

Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen’s varied ministry continues to have lasting impact on countless individuals and through major organisations in Australia and worldwide. Since 1975 Phillip has pioneered many vibrant ministries while serving thousands in the role of pastor and teacher. To date these ministries have been in the areas of training, university student work, church planting and publishing of Christian resources. Phillip is married to Helen. They currently live in Sydney and have three adult children and ten grandchildren.

Phillip will be speaking on how to more effectively share the gospel by trying out ideas, measuring them, killing them if they don't work and supporting them long-term if they do.

Find out more about Phillip at:



The Venue

St Anne's Ryde Anglican Centre

Cnr Church & Gowrie Sts, Ryde,
New South Wales, Australia

St Anne’s Top Ryde is close to Top Ryde Shopping Centre, having a variety of lunch and dinner options before or after Exchange.

The underground car park can be accessed from Gowrie St.

Parking can be hard to find so make sure you have left some time to find a park.





The Schedule

1:00PM - Registration
1:30PM - Keynote Talk
2:15PM - Vision for Exchange Conf
Afternoon Tea
2:30PM - Afternoon Tea
3:00PM - IDEX 2 min presentations
3:30PM - IDEX 15 min presentations
4:15PM - Prayer in Small Groups
4:45PM - Strands
5:45PM - Finishing Up
6:00PM - Exchange Conf 2013 ends



About Us

Exchange Conf has been put together by church planters and evangelists from all over Sydney working with Evangelism and New Churches and Anglican churches.

If you would like to know more send us an email.



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